Simurgh : Mysterious Giant Healing Bird

Simurgh Mysterious Giant Healing Bird

In Iranian or Persian mythology, the Simurgh is a legendary flying creature who is considered as benign and generous. It is thought to help detoxify the environment and provide fertility. The animal represented the unification of the heaven and the earth by acting as a messenger between the two. The Simurgh is said to have … Read more

5 Positive Impacts of the Loch Ness Monster Myth

Impacts of the Loch Ness Monster Myth

Imagine, if you will, being a child curled up in bed as your grandmother tells you fantastical stories. One such tale is of a gentle creature named “Nessie,” who resides in the depths of a large, misty lake far, far away in Scotland.  As you grow older, the image of Nessie doesn’t fade away but … Read more

The Not Deer Cryptid: What’s the Story?

not deer cryptid image

In the quiet corners of North America, particularly within the sprawling wilderness of the Appalachian region, the mystery of the cryptid known as the “Not Deer” has been taking root. This fascinating creature, while bearing a striking resemblance to an ordinary deer, showcases anomalies that have both bewildered and intrigued onlookers. The Unexpected Encounter Imagine … Read more